Case Studies

Pinpoint Outreach to Strategic Verticals & Key Influencers
Drives Success... and Attracts AOL

Userplane launched in 2001 with an intriguing mission. Well before the vernacular included phrases like "social networking" and "Web 2.0," Userplane developed tools and applications to help groups of people communicate online in real time using text and audio/video. The company provided these apps for free - giving them to dating sites and other online destinations that wanted to promote community.

It was this innovative approach that made Edge want to take a chance with this small, innovative company - and help it grow.

Userplane had a steady stream of news - new client wins, new applications and upgrades to existing apps, etc. But to continue its growth, the company needed to penetrate deep into certain vertical markets - moving beyond the online dating niche to target corporate and other sites that could benefit from real-time online communication.

Working with a lean PR budget, Edge managed a highly targeted campaign that identified and cultivated relationships with influential writers, editors, bloggers and other thought leaders in relevant industries. Edge maintained an intense focus on key vertical markets, established an active expert resource campaign and relied heavily on strategic speaking opportunities.

Userplane's prescience, and its public presence, turned heads - including those of executives at AOL. In a whirlwind courtship, the online giant acquired Userplane in the summer of 2006 - as a key part of its strategy to make itself more relevant in the emerging Web 2.0 world.

More than a year after the acquisition, Edge continues to work with Userplane to maintain a consistent presence within the industries that matter most to its business, and to solidify its identity... even as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.