Case Studies

Huge CES Visibility in a Matter of Weeks for South Korea's Cydle

Less than a month before CES 2010, Edge got the call: South Korean consumer electronics company Cydle (, with virtually no presence in the American market yet, wanted to make a big splash at the show with its GPS with HD Radio and mobile Internet devices. While CES can be a significant platform for a lot of companies, media coverage certainly isn't a guarantee, with so much competition for ink.

But with a strategy that involved setting a deliberate pace for media announcements through the holiday season and leading up to the show, Edge helped newcomer Cydle garner a regular stream of high-level media coverage before, during and after CES. A company no one had ever heard of just weeks earlier was being included with some of the biggest names in the industry in trend round-up stories, and was receiving its own share of attention in product launch features in the New York Times,, Consumer Reports, Engadget,, among many others. Distributors sought out Cydle at the show because of articles they'd seen.

The key, in this case, was knowing how to define the story, rapidly creating messages and materials that resonated, and overcoming cultural communication barriers to get the company in the spotlight.