Case Studies

Platform PR - Using Thought - Leadership to Define a New Sector

With its launch in 2000, CrownPeak introduced a radical new way to deliver software. The team behind the company arguably created the content management space back in 1995, with W3 - design. With this new venture they took what they knew best - a software specialty that they essentially invented - and offered it in a whole new way. They put forth the idea that software can be hosted, or provided as a service - rather than licensed and installed. Enter Web Content Management.

Widely accepted today, this concept represented a fundamental sea change at the time - aside from, the notion of hosting applications on the Web was unheard of. CrownPeak and Edge had to convince the industry at large that software could be efficiently and securely delivered as a service.

At launch, Edge successfully got the attention of Jeff Tarter's Soft*Letter, then a major influencer in the space - introducing these new concepts to the industry through someone who truly understood their significance. Tarter noted that the signal announcements of that week - the ones that would resonate throughout the industry in the years ahead - issued from Microsoft... and CrownPeak. As with any fundamental shift in the way business is done, it took some time for the industry at large to embrace this new business model, but embrace it did.

CrownPeak's PR strategy mixed company news with an aggressive, focused thought leadership platform - giving the company and its CEO, Jim Howard, a persona and a distinctive voice within the industry. During their nine - year relationship - one that began with W3 (CrownPeak's predecessor company), shortly after Edge was founded in 1996 - the two companies helped content management become a must - have application and the software-as-a-service model earn status as the delivery method of choice for applications beyond and CRM.

Today, CrownPeak is the undisputed market leader in Web content management, a perpetual honoree in the SIIA Codie Awards and is one of the 50 fastest-growing high-tech companies in Southern California. It was at the front end of a revolution, and helped transform an important part of the software industry.